International Day for Peace

Peace keeping is a process that starts with us. How, I will explore that.

September 21 is the International Day for Peace. With the invitation of Rooyesh Group, I was honored to speak about ways in which we are able to internalize peace and deliver it outside of our own space. Below is a summary for the points that we covered.  After the presentation ,we had a discussion about this topic which is fairly new to us, though it is an old learning that is covered with dust.

Peace is about to keep harmony, inside and outside, to live a healthy life inside and outside

Thriving is about finding peace.
Peace is within ourselves and in our communities, something that starts with how much we thrive: Self-understanding, Self-actualization

Health; physical and psychological
Social interest (Adler)
Community feeling (Adler)

  • Our Basic Needs: Hierarchy of needs according to Abraham Maslow are about Physiological needs, Safety and security, Love and sense of belonging, Self-esteem, Self-actualization
  • Peace starts with us: Love yourself and your people, Keep boundaries, Respect yourself, Respect children, Know your limitations, Take time for yourself
  • Learning brings peace: Use every opportunity to learn, Know that you do not know, Be humble, We are all equal people, Teach your son to cook and your daughter to repair cars,  Listen to the inner voice and to others
  • Kindness has peace in itself: kindness is an act not word, Kind in language and actions, Kind in judgment, Love for self and others, Love for respect, Love for safety, Love for good behavior
  • Peace at home: Give yourself and your partner time,  Do not blame, resolve conflict in peace, Encourage, Listen, Know your biases and own them, Know your own culture, Anger is about fear, what are you afraid of?
  • With Children: Parent your child, do not be a friend, Teach, discipline, and coach your child, Give your child responsibility, Ask your child for opinion, Do not buy love, Show love, Children are small people, help them grow
  • Peace In Marriage:  Marriage is not about making two lives one, Individuality in marriage keeps love alive. Own space and time important, Respect for each other a MUST, Give and receive, Say what you want, Say how you feel
  • Peace in the Extended family: Grandparents are important, Respect their age, Ask them to respect younger generation , Do not enmesh, Every family member is equally important, If problem with one person, resolve conflict with one person, do not let others to give opinion, the more people involved the worse….no triangle!
  • Migration: Find peace with the past, Accept inferiorities, Accept migration as a part of our new life, Do not live in the past, Live in NOW, Future has not come yet, Feel home where you are happy
  • With Teenagers: Developmental stages and migration, Self and others, Loyalty to family and friends, Need for responsibility and accountability, Sense of belonging important, Respect teenagers, Get them involved with love
  • On the Road: Driving with peace, We have time, Treating other cars with respect. Road rage is hurtful, Do not speed, There are less competent drivers, they do not mean it, be patient with them
  • At work: You are who you are and others are who they are, Stress is positive at times, Respecting other people and their opinions, We own our opinion, own your bias, Be on time, people take you more seriously, Talking less, listening more, learning more
  • Mental Health: Cognition, behavior, emotions, Knowing our own abilities compare to what is real, We may or may not find the best job, Our physical pain and emotional pain both are important and need treatment
  • Our World: Respect for mother earth,  God and prayers, Nature and sunshine, Walks and hikes, Love for the world, Respect for our environment, Breathing and cleaner air
  • Others: Volunteering helps, Proper communication with others, Healthy food and cooking classes, Visiting those in need, Act of kindness, Charity.

Be in Peace.
September 21, 2007