Clinical Counselling

Type of services:

· Individual psychotherapy

· Couple and marriage counselling

· Psycho educational group-based programs such as Parenting, Self-Awareness, Emotion /Anger Management and more…

Clinical Counselling and psychotherapy services Poran is offering is based on the extensive training she has attended over the years. Poran’s practice of psychology involves modalities:

· Mindfulness-based Cognitive Behaviour Therapy

· Emotional Focused Therapy based treatment modality

· Attachment Therapy

· Treatment for Emotional disorders such as Anxiety, Depression, Phobia, Obsession, and Social Anxiety.

· Treatment for symptoms of ADHD, ADD, and Brain related traumas.

· Bereavement counselling for loss and grief

Psychotherapy is a process-oriented work and it empowers the person to:

· Find solutions for family disputes,

· Master healthier coping and life skills in dealing with daily stressors,

· Recognize common patterns of unhealthy thoughts, emotions, and behaviours,

· Deal with memories of childhood traumas, teenagehood challenges, and / or adult experiences of loss and trauma,

· Learn to plan, make decisions, and set smarter goals,

· Manage smoother personal and interpersonal relationships,

· Increasing motivation and problem-solving skills,

· Dealing with traumas in life.

· Build increased skills towards self-esteem, self-confidence, self-concept, self-motivation, and a more balanced Self,

· Finding your life passion.

About Confidentiality:

Poran Offers confidential and culturally appropriate individual and couple therapy sessions. Upon your arrival, you will be informed of the “confidentiality agreement” and the “counselling roles.”

Poran Poregbal, MA, RSW., RCC.
M.A. in Clinical Counselling
Registered Social Worker
Registered Clinical Counsellor

For appointments call: 778-883-0591