About Me

Welcome to Middlepeace Counselling Services:

Since 1994 (in Sweden – Stockholm), Poran has held several multidisciplinary positions as a social worker, victim support worker, family therapist, and clinical counsellor.

Since 2001 (In Canada- Vancouver) Poran has been serving individuals, families, couples, and groups through the clinical and psycho-educational work she uses in her practice.

Poran has worked for Government agencies, non-profit associations, and her private clinical counselling office.

Currently she runs her private practice while she works as a Group therapist and associate therapist at the Vancouver General Hospital.

Poran has a professional background and extensive training in the field of Counselling Psychology and she is trauma based.

Upon graduating from Adler’s School of Professional Counselling in 2008, Poran founded GV Counselling and Education Society, following her long-time passion for providing quality mental health care services to Farsi Speaking communities. Poran offers clinical supervision to professionals in her community. In addition, Poran is an associate therapist for British Columbia Male Survivors of Sexual Abuse since 2004. Poran’s clinical orientation is mainly trauma and PTSD. She works with survivors of sexual abuse, child abuse, domestic violence, anxiety, stress, and grief and loss.

She is two times Award Recipient from B.C. Association Clinical Counsellors (2011 and 2014), and Award Recipient from West Vancouver Community Awards for Health, Wellness and Activity (2014).

Working towards inner peace requires hard work- involving facing our internal fears, weaknesses, and emotional turbulence.