Clinical Counselling

What type of Counselling do I offer?

Individuals seek therapy and counselling when life is rough and their own coping skills is no longer relevant. Every day we have to plan, to act, to make a decision, and to interact with others.

At times, we have had a harsh childhood or teenagehood or adult life that is hunting us. Other times, we are hurting because we have lost significant people in our life or lost community belongings. In any case, we seek professional help to find peace of mind and to learn healthier coping styles.

In any case, attending therapy means working towards building a sensitive, culturally grounded, respectful, and informed way of dealing with challenges of life.
This therapist is using a combination of psychotherapy modalities, while mostly focusing on what is important for the individual to work at.

Change is possible for all individuals from all walks of life. We all deserve to feel happier and calmer.

Treatment Modalities this therapist uses:

Mindfulness-based Cognitive behaviour treatment for depression, anxiety, phobia, obsessive thoughts and behaviours, self-esteem, confidence building, self-concept, motivation loss, ADHD, and traumas.

Psycho-education of the impact of abuse on the brain, child and youth development, family relationships, couple issues, boundaries, and integrity of the self /others.

Poran Poregbal, MA, RSW., RCC.
M.A. in Clinical Counselling
Registered Social Worker
Registered Clinical Counsellor

For appointments call: 778-883-0591