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How cynical, what is happening in Iran currently and past 30 years are a repeat of the Supreme Sacred Congregation of the Roman and Universal Inquisition.  How ironic that the killing, torture, and expurgation of our Iranian people have been called as an Islamic fight against heresy.

Today, the largest number of our best people are sitting in the jails, are being beaten on the streets, are being hanged publicly, all because heresy has come with these clerks themselves.

The level of hate, lies, deception, prejudice, and abuse of power by the Islamic regime of Iran are beyond imagination for our Iranian nation.

These clerks in Iran do not even know the history; they are repeating a school of thought that belonged to the Roman Catholic Church inquisition dated back to 12th century.

The executions, hangings, and killings of any one holding another belief than the clerks of Iran, are not a new behavior.  They continued same pattern as Roman church yet they called it a pure Islam.

How paradoxical that the history is repeating itself, yet in another format with the practice of an old doomed pattern.

We Iranians are suffering from the irresponsible decisions made by a so called holy power that is indeed a mix match of extreme form of religion and hateful beliefs towards people justified with name of religion.

The inquisition of our people past 30 years has been orchestrated by a group of clerks in Iran who abuse their power to kill, to hate, to destroy any one with a different belief.

How sad that these clerks do present their religion as holy and they fight the rest of the world to destroy “heresy.”  Aren’t these clerks a good example of practicing heresy?

Where is the true, real, and pure practice of religion, any of them? Human beings are suffering due to the falsifications, prejudice, and violations of all the borders, the border of respect to human life with or without religion.

Peace will come when and if our world establishes an end to the barbaric acts of those who are far from being holy.

June 30, 2009


Democracy & Mental Health

Democracy and dictatorship have direct impact on our mental health. How?  We can explore that.   It may be mind-freshening to just compare these two polar systems in the context of psychological footprint on individuals.

Democracy is as an embodied, dynamic, and growing movement, while dictatorship can be described as an static, monologue, and rigid system.  These two social contexts are providing socially embedded field for mental health and growth while most certainly in two opposite directions.

Being human means we are moving towards a goal in our life from day one. This goal is always pertinent to survival, growth, and self-actualization.  Moving towards a goal happens whether we know it or not.  Alfred Adler, the founder of individual psychology argues human being is a goal directed individual (Ansbacher & Ansbacher 1956).

In countries where oppression, censure, and brutality is the norm, individuals cannot move towards the goals they have in mind. With democracy you can have choice, freedom to speech, and freedom to feel.  It is incredible how people who live in democratic countries take this right for granted.  In dictatorship we know that reading one book, one article, or one newspaper literally can cost life and fortune.

We have to consider the fact that in democracy writing, thinking, feeling, perceiving, and listening are significant factors for living a human life that we all deserve.
If food, shelter, air are the basic human rights, then democracy meaning the right to feel, to be, to think, and to decide are also integral parts of our basic rights.
This is something we Iranians have felt it with our flesh and blood. our history is filled of crack down of our intelligent, brave, and decent citizens who ask for the right to be healthy,physically, emotionally, spirituality, and mentally. Democracy does open the filed for a holistic health.

June 25, 2009
Ansbacher, H. L., & Ansbacher, R. R. (Eds.). The Individual Psychology of Alfred Adler.  New York: Basic Books.



Thirty years later: our young generation takes their destiny into their hands. For all of us who marched the streets of Tehran and other cites back in 1979, now flash backs of memories are hard to cope with.
Here in Vancouver, B.C.: A group of young, intelligent, caring, and brilliant Iranians have come together to organize for actions against the brutality that is unfolding in our home country.
The methods this group of young Iranians are using are however different than our older generations ways of protesting.
This group are inviting to silent actions called silent scream for Iran.  Starting from June 16, 2009 the silent scream gatherings are being attended by more and more Iranians and all other supporters.
The beauty and glory of this way of protesting is that people use silence instead of chanting.
In these moments of silence people find ways to collect their thoughts while using the positive energy of other individuals who are all sharing the grief.
The silent scream is an innovative, pragmatic, and peaceful way of sending a strong message out there, although there are some radical Iranians who do not think this way.
However, what is for sure is that the peacefulness nature of the silent scream is obvious and attention grabbing.   I guess we Iranian in large are attending a new era of demanding our human rights.
Meanwhile our people are under horrible attacks in their homes and communities, we can only remain hopeful.
Silent screams and peaceful protests are proper ways to keep our minds intact while raising our voice in most loud ways by asking the international community to support us.
We believe that our people in Iran will win in this very unfair battle one day soon and justice will prevail in our home country. Meanwhile we silently scream, the loudest we can.

June 22, 2009


Another Genocide?

What is happening in Iran is not an internal affair anymore. This is a civil war imposed on a peaceful nation.

This is a civil war with civilians who take their life in their hands going to streets to ask for justice.

When all the doors for seeking justice through legal means are closed, when all the communication means are shot down, when attacks on people’s physical body is a reality, people find no other way but to fight back.

It seems to us Iranians outside our home country that our people are trapped and they are under attacks, literally under all kind of attacks.

The images that are coming out by brave individuals who risking their life for showing us what is unfolding in Iran, are heart breaking and harsh.

It feels that Iranian government with leadership of men who will not lose their face, are willing to silent people with any means they have.

The world has to understand that we should not and can not afford a nation being left alone under this massive and brutal attack.

After  thirty years of most horrible crimes towards our people, people had a hope for a change towards better with help of this election. They were willing to put the past in the past and move forward. People were willing to live under this current regime of Iran, yet with reform and change. Yet an eleciton coup changed everything towards the worst we could not imagine.

Now our great nation risk horrible suffering, if not in form of a genocide, more probably in form of a mass killings of our people.

Our life, our Iranian life has now changed forever. We are in a killing pain due to the unprecedented events that are occurring.

It is safe to believe that the world has a responsibility to not leave our people alone.  The clear picture for many of us includes a great nation as ours in the hands of most savage individuals who are trained for years to crash down our people.

Many of us are traumatized badly and our every day life is impacted in a massive scale. Iranian citizens around the world get together in protests and they share a uninsumountable pain that is debilitating them.

Peace in the world is a world’s affair. The events in Iran is about humanity being attacked in our home country. People are being shot at on the streets and attacked in their homes.

There are enough evidence coming out to prove this point, why we can not let go of what is happening. This is a door-to-door attack on people’s lives.  It is not only about their physical life, yet the emotional pain, the spiritual hurt, and the community’s suffering are all on the stake. The amount of fear imposed on families, children, disabled, and less powerful people are unfattomable.

It is obvious that our people need help from the free world .

This is no loner an internal affair because special guards who are related to terrorists organizations are holding our people hostage in the most dangerous way.

Now that all the reporters, bloggers, and media is cut off, the human life in Iran is in great danger.

In a regular dispute and in a free country people can claim their rights by going to Judicial authorities. Now when our Iranian authorities or at least those in charge are allowing this act of cruelty happening, where do people go for justice? people are left out with no options.

The world can not afford this blood shed in Iran to be continued. This is our responsibility as human beings to help anyone in pain.For sure our families in Iran and outside of Iran are distressed, desperate, and frustrated. Our physical bodies as well as our emotional bodies are in massive pain. Our mental health is the least that is in danger. Where do we go from this? Hopefully we find options. Soon.

June 21, 2009


A Nation Under Attack

These days our Iranian families inside Iran and around the world are under an overwhelmingly huge pressure.

Inside our home country people are being beaten up, shot at, or sent to jails, due to the rallies on the streets.

Outside of Iran, the majority of Iranian people are glued to the TV-screens and Internet pages to find out what is going on in Iran.

In any case, we have never experienced this amount of trauma and distress in this large scale. the fear of losing loved ones in Iran and losing people in the very unjust war imposed on civilians in Iran, are just beyond imagination.

We are a divided nation, however we know what is right and wrong. our people are protesting against election results that are obviously contaminated with fraud.

Government in Iran does not show any mercy and shoot our people on the streets. The Cut off of all contact tools such as Internet, mobile phones, sms, face book, and other social networking sites are making us feel that our people are trapped badly.

In every major city of the world, Iranians try to raise their voice and ask for help.

Our younger generation are really frustrated, upset, and saddened over their friends being trapped by a regime who has announced war on civilians. a weak after election people waited for the highest judicial leader to step in and calm down the situation in a peaceful way, however all the hopes turned to distress.

The supreme leader of Iran announced he will not back off and he warned protesters to go back home or else.

We are mostly fearful for our people’s safety and well being in our home country. We have nowhere to turn for justice,while the government of Iran closed every door for supporting it’s own people.

Now what is left is to wait and to see how many people will be killed every day. For us who live outside Iran’s borders, we feel helpless, powerless, and hurt badly.

We can only imagine how hard it is for those living inside Iran while being attached by government special forces who seem to be most cruel individuals.

It seems that our home country is burning in fire. People need peace and hope more than ever, as the level of violence imposed by the regime is increasing.  Using forces against people will only make the situation worse. we Iranian are in great pain and suffering. Our people’s life is endangered inside Iran while people’s general Our mental well-being along with our physical, spiritual, and social health is under attack.

June 20, 2009


Story of an Unfolding Historic Election So Far

June 12, 2009 was the saddest day of our Iranian life and our history.
Everything else that has happened past 30 years of injustice fall in shadows of an obvious lie called election results.
People participated in an election believing they would make history by welcoming change and reform to our home country Iran.
Iranian people in Iran and outside borders of our home country did everything they could to elect a president they believe is best for our Iran.  It was a question about reform, however in which way.

The beauty and glory of this election was the peaceful format of all the debates and hard works of supporters for reform.
In this environment millions of individuals finding hope for change, their votes were twisted only 2 hours after the election pools were closed in Iran.
Result showed an obvious fraud and injustice, something that made millions of us fall in a deep psychological shock June 12, 2009.

Disbelief, anger, shock, disappointment, frustration, and sense of humiliation were only few of the reactions for millions of our nation worldwide.  A sense of discouragement, helplessness, and hopelessness however turned to peaceful demonstrations all over Iran and all around the world.

The impact of such an obvious election fraud on our psychological health is greater than any other epidemic illness. Now four days later we are watching all the brave, intellectual, smart, and courageous people demonstrating and asking for their rights in every corner of Iran.

All of us Iranians believing in change are living under extreme psychological pressure.

The wave of organized and sponsored violence, shootings, attack to peaceful rallies, and threat to individuals life do not keep people from showing their protest.
Justice in election became our main goal and still is.  Not only Our physical, mental, spiritual health in danger, but our sense of belonging to a peaceful world is now challenged.

The question is how much democracy and violence of human rights will impact our  individual, societal, and national mental health and dysfunction?
Another question is how those planning this election coup could underestimate Iranian mind and Iranian culture, which is about dignity and choice?
To keep our minds intact we can only be hopeful and raise our voice.
Peace for Iran and for the world is the only answer.
June 16, 2009


Letter From A Young Iranian-Canadian Student

I had a letter from a young Iranian female. 22 years old, who is born out of Iran and has never visited Iran.  She wrote:
While we’re enjoying the beautiful summer weather and people of Vancouver, people in Iran are being beaten up for their attempt of living in a democratic nation.

Iranians’ demands for gender equality, sexual preference, choice of religion, personal freedom, and expression of freedom are only a few rights that we may take for granted. Opposition supporters hailed the streets of Tehran after the results of the rigged election were announced. For those that don’t know, President Ahmadinejad, declared “victory” in the Iranian election on Friday and it was a disappointment that people could not contain and this is just a glimpse of what has been happening over this past weekend.

As sad as this is, people are not taking no for an answer and change is on the way.
A young Iranian student in Vancouver
June 14, 2009


Election 2009

Time has arrived
To give freedom a chance
And democracy be our choice
To vote for life to be valued again
To be together and to vote
To be someone with hope
We say hurray
In the vein of election
In the air of reform
We are there
To welcome freedom
That was jailed
Time has come
To show that we care
To welcome life
Back to Iran
Today is the day
When people say
We want change
We are alive
We want change
We can change
And we will change
Today is the day
Change is welcome
More than ever
Today is the day
Long waited day
To feel the joy
To sense freedom
To welcome life
To welcome peace
To become someone
Every single one of us
Long live peace
Long live freedom.
June 12, 2009


A Letter to: Fereydoun Farrokhzad (1936-1992)

We miss you in this significant, colorful, exciting, and turbulent show for the election of 2009 in Iran.  You were murdered because you were defending human rights and social justice.  You were silenced in a brutal death because you were straight forward, honest, and brave.   You were not the only one who perished from our earth however your absence along with all those who cared for Iran, like yourself, is noticeable.
When you were murdered millions of us cried, millions of us had nightmares, and millions of us were left angry.  When you were taken away from us like many other intelligent, smart, humble, and brilliant Iran lovers, we were left in fear and anxiety.  Our nation’s mental health, emotional health, and spiritual health has definitely deteriorated past thrifty years just because of all the attacks on our Iranian mind.
They killed your physical body but your legendary spirit is alive, honored, and present.   You and thousands other Iranians who were taken away from our nation are not only missed today but remembered.    All those dark years of 1980 and 1990’s, we Iranians suffered multiple traumas, yet they could not take hope from us.  Your murder caused a real painful, recurring, and disturbing memory for many of us.  You are a symbol for fight for freedom and democracy. This is for sure.
Since you left it took two decades until we could see some signs for democracy In Iran.  We are still not sure what will happen after this new president take office, yet we are hoping for anything better than it has been up to now.   Right now our home country is witnessing events that were only dreams in the past thirty years of our history.  These days our people in Iran are doing best they can to vote for the best candidate for presidency in Iran.  Young, women, men, and everyone have invested in one candidate they believe is better than the current president of our home country.
The amount of emotional investment, hope for change, and individual engagement, and active participation in what is unfolding right now in our home country. I am sure you are watching these events from where you are, however just to mention that people are never happier and hopeful like right now. .
Fereydoun Farrokhzad, now we really miss your presence in this enormous show.  You could be a real showman right now as you always were.  This is about honoring individual integrity of people like yourself, whose life were cut short because of the intolerance.
Peace upon you and the rest of our great nation who is hoping for change, a positive change.
June 10, 2009